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Customer Service & Sales

The NRF Foundation's RISE Up intermediate course – Customer Service and Sales – is perfect for you if you are interested in or currently working in a customer facing role, whether in retail or another industry.

Your will master customer service and sales skills, including understanding the customer life cycle, developing effective strategies to engage customers, assessing customer needs and closing sales. You’ll also learn best practices for building resumes and navigating job searches.

Our online course takes just 14 hours to complete and you can use any computer or tablet. Our dynamic curriculum includes videos, interactive exercises and self-check quizzes. You can work at your own pace to complete the training.

At the end, you’ll receive a printable completion certificate, digital badge and a credential you can list on your resume, showing you’re ready for jobs that are in high demand right now.

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Customer Service
& Sales


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RISE Up Individual - Customer Service & Sales


Key Concepts

Welcome to Retail

What is Retail?
Multichannel and Omnichannel Retailing
Distribution Channels and Retail Ownership
The Economic Impact of Retail

Understanding the Customer
Customer Mindsets
The Customer Loyalty Life Cycle
Consumer Behavior, Including Technology

The Value of Customer Service
Company Brand and Culture
Quality Customer Service
The Impact of Poor Customer Service

Know Before You Sell

Knowing Products and Services
Features and Benefits
Product Knowledge and Customer Service
Continuous Learning

Knowing the Customer
Connecting with the Customer
Customer Needs and Interests
Listening to Customers and Confirming Their Needs

Selling and Service

Meeting the Customer's Needs
Customer Loyalty and Personalized Service
Comprehensive Solutions and Add-on Services
Overcoming Objections

Making the Sale
Processing and Completing the Transaction
Cash Transactions and Making Change Correctly
Debit, Credit, and Mobile Payments

Performing Your Best

Furthering Your Customer Service Skills
Non-Verbal Communication
Handling Multiple Customers
Addressing Customer Complaints, Exchanges, and Returns

Your Brand Is You
Employability Attributes and Professionalism
Foundational Knowledge
Communication Styles

Professionalism in the Workplace
Teamwork and Problem Solving
Developing Goals
Technology and Time Management

Workplace Readiness

Finding the Job
Entry-Level Retail Jobs: Goals and Expectations
Searching for Jobs Online (Social Media)
Building and Maintaining Your Network

Getting the Job
Crafting an Accurate Resume
Using an Online Job Application
Shining in an Interview

Growing Your Skills
Receiving and Applying Feedback
Building Your Career in Retail
Personal Career Planning

These concepts offer a general overview of the content areas covered in the Customer Service and Sales curriculum. They are not an exhaustive list of the content or its learning objectives but serve to categorize the curriculum for each module.

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