Building a Network of Retail Experts

NRF Foundation Board Member and Amazon Vice President of People eXperience Technology (PXT) Tonya Hallett speaks to students.

A Network of Retail Experts

Retailers support the NRF Foundation because the NRF Foundation supports retail. From university educators to campus recruiters, from talent acquisition experts to C-suite executives, the NRF Foundation’s network of retail experts cultivates and propels the next generation of retail professionals. Get involved to access these unique networks.

The NRF Talent Acquisition Group gather for a group photo in April 2023
Acquiring top talent for today and beyond

Senior retail talent acquisition executives meet virtually and in-person to discuss pressing issues and share best practices for attracting and hiring current and future retail leaders.

Walmart's Shante Turner speaks to a student at the NRF Foundation Student Program 2023
Recruiting the next generation of retail talent

Early talent and campus relations retail recruiters meet virtually to build a stronger pipeline of talent for the industry by ensuring students and young professionals have impactful retail experiences.

NRF Foundation Board of Directors members Tony Spring and Ann Sattin talk together
Leading the way for the future of retail

The NRF Foundation provides access to the education and opportunities needed for successful careers in retail, helping people build better lives and stronger communities. Our Board of Directors guides and connects our work to the companies making retail a great place to start and a great place to grow.