NRF Foundation Rising Stars Scholarship

Students at the NRF Foundation Student Program

Rising Stars

The Rising Stars Scholarship was created to teach younger students about the variety of career opportunities available in the retail industry, and to encourage them to attend the NRF Foundation Student Program early in their academic careers.

The application is now open on our scholarships portal here. The deadline for academic advisors to submit a Rising Star is November 8, 2024.

How it works

Each University Member can nominate one student the Rising Stars Scholarship. The nominated student must be a freshman or sophomore who hasn’t previously attended a NRF Foundation Student Program.

How to apply

An authorized University Member representative can nominate one student via a short application form. The representative will need to provide relevant information about the student. Please review the official rules document for more information.

NRF University Members who nominate an eligible student will receive a $1,000 travel stipend, made payable to the school, for that student to attend the 2024 NRF Foundation Student Program, taking place January 9-12, 2025 in New York City.

2024-2025 Timeline

September 2024 - Application opens for faculty advisors to submit their university's Rising Star

November 2024 - Application closes 

December 2024 -  Travel stipends issued to universities

January 9-12, 2025 - Rising Star attends 2025 NRF Foundation Student Program in NYC

Email with questions related to the scholarship process.