NRF Foundation Honors

NRF Foundation Honors 2025

The NRF Foundation provides the skills and resources needed for life-changing careers. Since 2015, the NRF Foundation Honors has raised the funds for our programs that connect people to an industry that’s a great place to start and grow.

From the most coveted award in retail, The Visionary, to our annual List of People Shaping Retail's Future to our scholarship recipients and our RISE Up Partner of the Year, the NRF Foundation Honors celebrates the retail professionals who are sparking innovation and inspiring incredible change. In 2024, more than 800 guests from over 160 companies - including more than 150 C-Suite and more than 30 CEOs - joined us.


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About the NRF Foundation Honors

Celebrating the retail professionals building better lives and stronger communities


The Visionary

Inspiring Incredible Change

The List

Shaping Retail’s Future

NRF Foundation
RISE Up Partner Of The Year

Changing Lives With Retail

NRF Foundation
Next Generation Scholarship

The Retail Leaders Of Tomorrow

NRF Foundation
University Challenge

Designing A Better World Through Retail

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