NRF Foundation Support

Seasoned retail employee talks with trainee as they walk down a grocery store aisle


The Work of the
NRF Foundation

Retail supports the NRF Foundation because the NRF Foundation supports retail. Together we can provide access to the education and opportunities needed for successful retail careers, helping people build better lives and stronger communities. Join us.

Launching the retail careers of college and university students

Students from 120+ universities are looking to connect with roles in the retail industry. Your support fosters talent, promotes diversity and nurtures innovation, giving students unique opportunities to explore career paths and opportunities in retail.

Developing early retail professionals

Early retail talent needs professional development in order to contribute to a stronger, more diverse workforce. Your support provides the connections and skills-development vital to the success of emerging retail leaders.

Celebrating retail leaders

Retail's most influential leaders and innovators gather annually in New York City. Your support provides scholarships and access to programs that connect people to an industry that's a great place to start and grow.