Honorees gathered at the 2020 NRF Foundation Honors event


Retail Professionals Building Better Lives

The NRF Foundation Honors recognizes The Visionary – the most coveted award in retail – and The List of People Shaping Retail’s Future. We also award a community partner making an impact with our retail skills training and announce the recipients of our undergraduate scholarships.

Join us at the Honors

Michelle Gass, The Visionary for 2020, speaks during NRF Foundation Honors
The Visionary

The Visionary is the most coveted award in retail. For more than 100 years, the National Retail Federation has honored an individual who has served the industry with distinction throughout their career.

Pictured: The Visionary 2020: Michelle Gass, CEO of Kohls

Members of the List 2020 on stage at NRF Foundation Honors 2020
The List

A dynamic group of retail leaders creating opportunities and sparking innovation.

NRF Foundation Honors 2020 RISE Up Partners, Holly Kurtz and Jeanne Przekota
RISE Up Partner of the Year

A dedicated partner that prepares people for life-changing careers through innovative use of the NRF Foundation’s training and credentialing program.

NRF Foundation Honors 2020 Next Generation Scholarship Candidates
NRF Foundation Next Generation Scholarship

The highest honor that the NRF Foundation can bestow upon a student features a top award of $25,000 and recognition as an emerging leader in retail.

NRF Foundation Honors 2020 Student Challenge Team Candidates
NRF Foundation Student Challenge

The team business competition provides undergraduates with real-world experience and up to $5,000 each.