2019 NRFSA grads prepare to leave their mark on retail

Published Jun 12, 2019

The 2019 graduation season has just wrapped up and with over 75 University Member schools and a reach that touches thousands of college students, we could not be prouder and more excited for our 2019 graduates.

Our grads are taking the skills they’ve acquired in the classroom and the connections they’ve been able to foster by being members of NRFSA and attending the NRF Foundation’s Student Program and moving on to the next chapter— beginning their careers. They’re poised to do big things, but no need to take our word for it. Read what our students have to say about starting careers in retail!

Emily Lesson, Butler University, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Management Information Systems 

Emily Lesson at PetSmart

"During the career fair at the NRF Foundation Student Program my junior year, I was able to network with PetSmart and got an interview for a summer internship. I was offered the role and spent my summer working as a Digital Merchandising and Planning Intern. As a result of that rewarding experience, I was offered this full-time position!

I am going into a Bench Marketing Associate role which for me means I will spend my first year at PetSmart rotating through several different positions under the Customer Experience department. I will be focusing on marketing through various channels including petsmart.com and the app!

The ever-changing technological landscape mixed with the science of the evolving customer buying behavior really excites me about being in this industry. I am obsessed with technology and the ways it can be used to enhance consumer experiences and I find the psychological component of how our customers make their decision to purchase something extremely fascinating. Retail, in my opinion, has the best opportunities to work at that intersection of interests!"

Camille Sayles, The University of Alabama, Fashion Merchandising

Camille Sayles graduation photo

"In January 2019, I attended the NRF Foundation’s Student Program. During the program I attended a Kohl’s store tour, design office tour, and the buying/planning talk. I submitted interest through their website by giving my resume and they sent me a link to apply. I submitted my application, got selected for the video interview, then went to Milwaukee for the in-person interviews. I had an offer for the full time position by the next Monday."

This month, Camille will begin her Kohl’s career as a Merchandise Analyst.

Monica Mann, Bowling Green State University, Apparel Merchandising and Product Development (minor in Marketing)

"My upcoming role is Assistant Merchant. I will be in charge of a variety of tasks, including preparing sales reports, analyzing sales reports,

Monica Mann graduation photo

managing line plans, sample management, communicating with cross functional partners, placing and tracking orders, and calling and visiting stores to gain customer feedback.

I interned for the company I will be working for, Express, over the summer of 2018. At the end of my internship I was offered a full-time position in merchandising after my graduation.

The retail industry, specifically merchandising, combines two of my passions, analytics and fashion forecasting. I have always enjoyed numbers, but I could not see myself working in accounting, finance, etc. I also had an interest in fashion from an early age, so this industry feels like a perfect fit. I like that the retail industry is always moving forward (and quickly), and I am always amazed by the innovation within the industry."

Marlowe Camblin, Santa Clara University, Marketing, with a Retail Studies Minor 

Marlowe Camblin at Walgreens

"I've accepted a position as an analyst in Walgreens' Merchandising and Marketing Development Program. I interned with Walgreens last summer and was exposed to that position through the NRF Foundation. At the end of the internship, I interviewed for the Merchandising and Marketing Development Program. I loved the prospect of a rotational program, the Walgreens' culture, and returning home to Chicago so much that I decided to accept the full-time role!"



Congratulations to all of our 2019 grads!