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RISE Up Retail Industry Fundamentals
  • Dive into the retail world, its career paths and industry jargon
  • Study retail operations, product life cycles, and supply chains
  • Know how the cost of goods sold impacts profit
  • Build basic customer service and sales skills
  • Practice job readiness skills
RISE Up Customer Service & Sales
  • Discover the value of quality customer service
  • Improve your knowledge of different types of customers’ needs
  • Master effective communication skills
  • Design a sales plan and apply effective upselling strategies
  • Acquire advanced retail skills
RISE Up Business of Retail
  • See retail as a business and define the profit model
  • Recognize inventory life cycle and inventory control
  • Explore merchandising and marketing
  • Understand loss prevention
  • Learn the importance of workplace safety practices
NRF Foundation RISE Up Supply Chain, Inventory, and Logistics Certified Specialist
  • The importance of supply chains, the flow of goods and the operations of supply chain facilities
  • Reverse logistics and its goals for cost recovery and sustainability
  • Safety measures and techniques
  • Problem-solving roles in supply chain facility management
  • Supply chain jobs, career paths and the skills needed to succeed
The RISEUp Training Partner Program
The RISEUp Training Partner Program

The RISE Up Individual Training Program

Get Foundational Employability Skills
Land a job and get promoted in retail stores and beyond

Online Course Material
Designed for students of all backgrounds and education levels


Industry-Recognized Curriculum and Exams
Developed in collaboration with more than 20 retailers:

Our Proven Learning Strategy


You’ll study a block of content via reading or watching a video


You’ll reflect on what you have learned while completing activities, including scenario activities and simulations


You’ll receive feedback based on your performance provided via text or video

Scenario-Based Learning

Realistic scenarios support active learning. You’ll develop your problem-solving and decision-making skills and enhance the transfer of the skills you’ve learned to the job

Hands-On Activities

Hands-on activities are effective for skill development. You’ll apply and master key skills needed for the job and our safe environment will let you practice, identify performance errors and correct them

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See What Our Students Are Saying

This is without a doubt the best program available for those wishing to enter the retail industry. RISE UP changes lives of people of all ages. What it helped me accomplish changed my life for the better.

Fry’s Food Stores E-Commerce Clerk Jeanne Przekota

I’ve seen a lot of growth in myself. This experience has allowed me to become a positive role model to my kids. They see me when I go to work. Everything I’ve learned – I’ve been trying to pass it on to them.

Goodwill Southern California Case Manager Alex Garcia

I definitely think RISE Up helped me a lot because I’ve been able to move up faster.

Menard's Supervisor Kambri Tessmer

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