The Givers 2016

Inspirational change-makers and big-hearted optimists who make retail shine as a force for good. They see a need and use their skills and resources to fill it to the brim, bringing joy and new opportunities to their companies, communities and the world

Join us in congratulating the 2016 Givers

A headshot of Tory Birch, the Chairman and Co-CEO at Tory Burch LLC and the Founder of the Tory Burch Foundation
Tory Burch
Chairman and Co-CEO, Founder
Tory Burch LLC, Tory Burch Foundation
Erin Harper, the senior program manager of Local Loan Producer Program, in a grocery store
Erin Harper
Senior Program Manager
Local Loan Producer Program
A headshot of Bea Perez, the Chief Sustainability Officer of The Coca-Cola Company
Bea Perez
Chief Sustainability Officer
The Coca-Cola Company
A headshot of Doug Rauch, the founder and president of Daily Table
Doug Rauch
Founder and President
Daily Table
A headshot of Kindley Walsh-Lawlor, the vice president of global sustainability at GAP, Inc.
Kindley Walsh-Lawlor
Vice President, Global Sustainability
GAP, Inc.
A headshot of Laysha Ward, the president and chief corporate social responsibility officer of Target
Laysha Ward
President and Chief Corporate Social Responsibility Officer