The Dreamers 2016

Determined idealists whose passion, energy and heart inspire everyone around them. They’ve taken their big dreams and sky-high goals and turned them into retail reality. They're making waves with their fresh ideas and don’t show any signs of slowing down

Join us in congratulating the 2016 Dreamers

A headshot of Moziah Bridges, the CEO of Mo's Bows
Moziah Bridges
Mo's Bows
Matthew Corrin, the founder and CEO of Freshii, with an array of fresh vegetables
Matthew Corrin
Founder and CEO
A headshot of Danielle DiFerdinando, the Designer and Creative Director of Danielle Nicole
Danielle DiFerdinando
Designer and Creative Director
Danielle Nicole
A headshot of Alexis Ringwald, a co-founder and the CEO of LearnUp
Alexis Ringwald
Co-Founder and CEO