FAQs: RISE Up Training & Credentials

For more information about the recent RISE Up transition to Penn Foster please click here.


How do I get started using the RISE Up credentials?

The first step in using the RISE Up credentials is registering as a Training Partner. Click Here to register with Penn Foster, the form is simple and takes just a few minutes to complete. The approval process takes about one business day, you will receive an email with your username and instructions on how to log in. Once you have created your account you can Click Here to login using your username and the password you created.

How do I navigate the Penn Foster portal?

Penn Foster has provided a variety of resources to help partners navigate every aspect of the portal. Please check on the resources tab for everything to get started using the portal and the RISE Up credentials. You can also find a list of available resources below:

What do each of the three RISE Up credentials cover?

You can find an overview of the RISE Up program and our credentials here. For more detailed information about each credential take a look at our learning concepts and exam blueprints for Retail Industry Fundamentals, Customer Service & Sales and Business of Retail: Operations & Profit.

What do these credentials provide to my students?

Having an industry recognized credential builds confidence, provides essential skills and can set a learner apart during interviews. The RISE Up credentials help learners understand and explore all that retail jobs offer. Retail has moved beyond the store and our credentials help prepare learners for the ever-changing retail environment. We have five national retailers that offer interviews for learners who have earned a RISE Up credential.  Email RISEUp@nrf.com to get more information.

How do I get procurement related paperwork (i.e. new vendor request form, tax-exempt status form, etc.) completed?

Penn Foster will manage the billing process on behalf of the NRF Foundation- this includes Purchase Orders and invoices. Because of this, Penn Foster will be the “Payee” for all orders. For your records, Penn Foster’s W9 is here. If you have any billing questions or have any procurement related paperwork that needs to be completed (i.e. new vendor form, tax-exempt forms, etc.), please contact the Penn Foster support team at support@nrfriseup.com or call 800-986-6482.

What options does RISE Up have for students needing special accommodations?

RISE Up is happy to provide special accommodations for students as requested by their trainer. Trainers and fill out our ADA Accommodation Form for student who require specific accommodations on the exams. For those students just needed additional time we have created the Additional Time Request Form now available on the Penn Foster Portal.

How can Trainers and Proctors view their available seat licenses?

Trainers and Proctors now have accessibility to a view only Manage License tab in the Penn Foster Portal. On this tab they will be able to see how many seat licenses have been assigned to the location they are listed under.