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The NRF Foundation's RISE Up advanced course – Business of Retail: Operations & Profit – is perfect for you if you are interested in advancing your career or in owning and operating a business.

You will understand merchandising, marketing, store operations, loss prevention and workplace safety. You will master math concepts, including determining pricing strategies and calculating profit and discounts. And you will learn best practices for how to plan your career and get promoted.

Our online course takes just 11 hours to complete and you can use any computer or tablet. Our dynamic curriculum includes videos, interactive exercises and self-check quizzes. You can work at your own pace to complete the training.

At the end, you’ll receive a printable completion certificate, digital badge and a credential you can list on your resume, showing you’re ready for jobs that are in high demand right now.

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RISE Up Individual - Business of Retail


Key Concepts


Welcome to the Business of Retail

Welcome to Retail
Retail Operations Overview
The Retail Ecosystem
Distribution Channels and Retail Ownership

The Economic Impact of Retail
Team, Inventory, and Marketing
Technology, Tools, and Financials


Retail Operations

Inventory Management
Supply and Demand
The Store Inventory Life Cycle
Conducting Physical Inventory

Loss Prevention
External Theft: Shoplifting, Customer Fraud, and Ecommerce Fraud
Internal Theft: Employee Theft and Employee Fraud
Operational Errors and Vendor Fraud

Workplace Safety
Workplace Safety Policies and Processes
Common Safety Problems
Handling Workplace Accidents and Emergencies Situations


Marketing and Merchandising

Brand Marketing
Marketing Plan Components
Marketing Approaches and Technologies

Organizing and Maintaining Product Storage
Inventory Management Systems
Visual Merchandising


The Retail Profit Model

Calculating Profit
Financial Results
Financial Terms
Gross Profits and Profit Margin Percentages

Understanding the Impact
Costs Associated with Retailing
Determining Product Pricing
Pricing Strategies


Building Your Career

Finding the Ideal Retail Job for You
Exploring Retail Jobs: Crafting an Ideal Resume and Elevator Pitch
Searching for Jobs Online
Building and Maintaining Your Network

Getting Your Ideal Job
Applying for a Job
The Interview Process
Reviewing a Job Offer

Growing Your Skills
Receiving and Applying Feedback
Acquiring New Skills
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Planning and Following a Career Path
Personal Career Planning
Achieving Career Goals
Effectively Managing Others

These concepts offer a general overview of the content areas covered in the Business of Retail curriculum. They are not an exhaustive list of the content or its learning objectives but serve to categorize the curriculum for each module.

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