Business of Retail: Operations & Profit

The Business of Retail: Operations & Profit credential helps learners understand the positive impact that retail has on the global economy and prepares them to run a retail business. Using an engaging curriculum with realistic business scenarios, you will solidify your students’ knowledge of marketing, merchandising, and calculating profit. Guide them in developing a growth mindset and in achieving career goals.

  • Deliver this course in 11 hours online or 28 hours in the classroom.
  • Learning objectives include inventory management, loss prevention, workplace safety, and employee management.

Learners who earn this certification will understand merchandising, marketing, store operations, loss prevention and workplace safety. Learners will master math concepts, including determining pricing strategies and calculating profit and discounts. Best practices for planning and advancing one’s career is also covered.  

This course is perfect for someone interested in advancing a career or a student needing to better understand how a business is run.

Learning Concepts:

  • The business of retail: the retail ecosystem, concepts of team, inventory, marketing, financials, competitors
  • Retail operations: Inventory management, loss prevention, workplace safety
  • Marketing and merchandising: marketing plans, approaches and technologies, merchandise systems and storage
  • Retail profit model: calculating profit, understanding costs, products and pricing
  • Building your career: exploring retail careers, getting the ideal job, growing skills and using KPIs, personal career planning and management

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