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What it’s like to work in retail

Retail offers a myriad of opportunities for people of all backgrounds. 
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What it's like to work in retail

Explore inspiring stories from real people that chose a career in retail. 

Retail offers a myriad of opportunities for people of all backgrounds.

When you think of jobs in retail, sales associate and store manager are probably the positions which come to mind. But what if we told you that 44% of people who work in retail don’t work in sales?

Retail offers flexible, collaborative careers in supply chain, data science, marketing, technology, finance, engineering and design — to name just a few. Retail companies are also some of the most exciting brands in the country — and they’re driving innovation. 

“Then I Was … , Now I Am …” video series

We believe that retail’s future isn't what, it's who. This video series of inspirational stories follows the career paths of five retail employees from BJ's Wholesale Club, The Home Depot, Macy’s Inc., Mattress Firm and Tractor Supply Company, exploring how they were able to rise up through the retail ranks and find success in this dynamic industry.


Gina's story

Gina Iacovone’s career in retail started more than 30 years ago. While working as a cashier at BJ’s Wholesale Club, Gina fell in love with the energy of retail and hasn’t looked back. Her career has included roles as a merchandise lead, regional operations manager, zone vice president and now her current role as senior vice president of field operations. 

Gina’s career has afforded her the opportunity to provide for her family and encourage others to discover the possibilities that exist in retail. 


Ro's story

Ro Rodriguez started her career with The Home Depot as a part-time cashier over 20 years ago. Thanks to mentorship and invaluable support and encouragement along the way, Ro was able to progress in her career and is now a regional vice president. 

Today, Ro leads by example and is a source of inspiration for the industry’s future leaders. Ro’s success story is simply one of many in the retail industry.


Andrijana's story

When Andrijana Vuckovic immigrated to America nine years ago, she did not speak any English. Retail took a chance on her, and she was able to launch her career as a cashier at Macy’s. Learning English along the way, Andrijana has been able to build a successful career. Today, Andrijana is a jewelry business manager leading and providing guidance for dozens of associates.


Rowetta's story

As a small town Texas girl, Rowetta never dreamed that she would have the life she does today. Rowetta’s career with Mattress Firm began in 2007 as a manager-in-training and has since taken her on a fulfilling ride, with career progressions along the way. 

Retail allowed Rowetta to buy her first home, provide a promising future for her two sons and transform her life’s trajectory. Today, Rowetta is a market development manager, a role which allows her to encourage and lead others in her organization.


Lynn's story

When Lynn Craig started as a part-time team member with Tractor Supply Company in 1992, he had yet to decide what he wanted to do in his career. Lynn took a chance on himself and moved away from his hometown, across the country, for an opportunity that would change his life. It wasn’t long before Lynn realized that retail was an industry filled with opportunity and room for advancement. 

Now a vice president of operations in charge of 160 stores, Lynn can’t imagine what his life would be like if he had decided on a different path.

Did you know?

71% of hiring managers say retail provides its employees with foundation skills and experiences that are transferable to other industries. 


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