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Evan Chisholm recieving the Ray Greenly scholarship in 2014
Running toward success: The power of mentorship
Ray Greenly scholarship recipient chases his dreams to land role at Nike
2019 Next Generation Finalists
Meet Kelsey White, 2019 NRF Foundation Next Generation scholarship top recipient
Kelsey White is the 2019 Next Generation top finalist. She will recieve $25, 000 to continue her education.
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Speaker at the  NRF Foundation's Retail Works Summit
Workforce boards are critical to filling retail job openings
Retailers are tapping into new sources of talent to fill more than 800,000 open positions in the industry.
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Garrett Ledbetter, General Manager at Old Navy reading something with a colleague
A way forward: Old Navy General Manager finds limitless opportunity in retail
Garrett Legbetter talks about his story from working full-time while being a full-time student.
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Trunk Club Employee Posing
Lessons from the field: The entrepreneurial journey
Panelists at NRF Foundation’s Student Program share what they’ve learned.
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Rafeh Masood speaks at Digital Summit 2016
When it comes to retail technology, the industry is 'just getting started'
Big retailers talk about how they are using new technology and innovation to change the customer experience.
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