NRF Student Association

The NRF Student Association provides talented students interested in retail careers unique educational and scholarship programs, networking opportunities and access to the latest industry news and research.

All students at NRF member schools are eligible to become NRF Student Association members. Dozens of colleges and universities are already participating. Check to see if your school is a member.

If your college or university is an NRF member:

Sign up for a MyNRF account to activate your NRF Student Association membership. You’ll get exclusive access to retail industry research, educational events, networking opportunities and scholarship programs.

If your college or university is not an NRF member:

You can still sign up for a free MyNRF account, subscribe to public newsletters and download free white papers and resources. Ask your dean or faculty member to look into the benefits of becoming an NRF University Member.

NRF Student Association membership benefits

Through the NRF Student Association, students are able to explore diverse career paths within the retail industry and receive exclusive educational and employment opportunities. Membership benefits include: