Tina Sharkey

Co-founder and CEO
Tina Sharkey, Co-founder and CEO, Brandless

Tina Sharkey co-founded Brandless under the premise that we all want better, and better doesn’t have to cost more. “When you look at organic, gluten-free, cruelty-free, BPA-free, non-toxic and tree-free, people are changing the way they shop and live, and these categories are unaffordable to most Americans,” says Sharkey, who previously led Johnson & Johnson’s BabyCenter, co-founded iVillage, built Sesame Street Online and helped create a new channel for QVC. “We wanted to blow the doors off the better-for-you movement and invite a lot more people to that party.”

Since Brandless launched in 2017, Sharkey’s biggest challenge is keeping up with the extraordinary demand. They now ship to 48 states every day and have a connected and supportive online community more than 1 million strong.

Sharkey’s mother, a fashion executive, taught her that every person matters. Today, Sharkey is serious about democratizing access to goodness. “If you say it’s better for everyone,” she says, “you need to mean it.” Brandless partners with hunger relief organization Feeding America and has donated more than 3 million meals — one per online check-out.

Their customers’ number one question is, “When are you coming to our neighborhood?” and to that end, Sharkey is learning about what works in a physical space from Brandless’s two successful pop-ups. As for the $3 price tag on all products, she says it’s less about the amount and more about curation and community. “We’re not the $3 store. We’re the store that offers simple, extraordinary products at fair prices.”