Mike Brady

President and CEO
Mike Brady, President and CEO, Greyston, The List 2019

At Greyston Bakery, anyone looking for a job goes to the front door of the 21,000-square-foot, 100-employee bakery in Yonkers, New York, adds their name to a list, and when a job is available, they're hired. “No questions asked, no background checks, no interview,” says Mike Brady, president and CEO. “It’s really turning the human capital model on its head. We’re trusting in the power of people to be successful on the job.”

Brady said the open hiring model at Greyston – a brand known for brownies and social justice – gives the company a competitive advantage. It creates an ethos that differentiates Greyston in a crowded baked goods market, creates an “incredible culture of inclusion” and yields extraordinarily dedicated team members. One of them was hired when she was just about to put her kids in foster care because she couldn't get overnight work to support her family. When her name came up on the list, Greyston hired her for a night shift.

During his seven years leading Greyston, Brady has expanded its customer base to Whole Foods and Delta Airlines. But he says at the end of the day, the company isn't about sales. Brady’s vision is around breaking down bias in our economy. “We are here to inspire other businesses to embrace open hiring,” he says. “Greyston is on a journey to lead that movement among business leaders across every industry.”