Jo Malone CBE

Founder and creative director
Jo Loves
Jo Malone CBE,  Founder and Creative Director, Jo Loves, The List 2019

Jo Malone, founder and creative director of Jo Loves, describes creating fragrances as “walking around with my best friend,” rather than work. Her hunger to create and sell fragrances is the common thread between Malone’s first brand, Jo Malone London (which she sold to Estee Lauder), and her new venture, Jo Loves. Beyond that, she says she finds few parallels when creating. “It’s like having two children, both raised in the same way by the same parents, but with very different personalities. Both of them, however, bursting with character and charm.”

Malone thrives on inspiring the next generation. “I know what it’s like to be that young person,” she says. “I see this strength I’m able to pass on to someone. The realness of my story gives people hope.” When sharing her story around the world, Malone talks freely about not having a university degree. But what she does have is an immense passion for retail and fragrance. “If you’re passionate enough about something and believe in your dreams, you can achieve anything. It can be a lonely world for dreamers because they’re the only ones who believe in the beginning. But you hold onto that dream, keep the integrity of it and pull it into the here and now. When you make that happen, the dream becomes reality, opens up the world and makes it bigger for everyone else.”