Matthew Boss

Managing Diresctor, Equity Research, Consumer Discretionary/Retailing
J.P. Morgan
A headshot of Matthew Boss, managing director, equity research, and cosumer discretionary/retailing and J.P. Morgan

Matthew Boss, a managing director and senior analyst at J.P. Morgan covering the department stores, specialty softlines and apparel/footwear sectors, has taken an unorthodox journey to become one of the country’s top retail analysts. Following the path less traveled, he made the transition from public accounting at Ernst & Young to equity research at J.P. Morgan in 2005, subsequently spending three years as an investor on the buy-side before returning to the sell-side in 2011. “My goal is not only to be a thought leader in the retail sector, but to become part of the industry and help shape the future of the space,” he says. “I want to be able to accurately differentiate between the long-term winners and losers, but also to add value through thematic research and relationships.” Boss was drawn to retail because of the unique way it combines tangible real-time consumer trends with finance and equity research, and he says the industry is more exciting now than ever, given the intersection of technology and retail. “The sector,” he says, “has never been more fast-paced.”