Amanda Curtis and Gemma Sole

Nineteenth Amendment
Headshots of Amanda Curtis and Gemma Sole, the co-founders of Nineteenth Amandment

Gemma Sole was working in startups but wanted a way to help creative entrepreneurs. Amanda Curtis had grown up around fashion but realized the industry had changed. The two met at Startup Institute, and the intersection of their worlds yielded Nineteenth Amendment — a pioneering, on-demand, made-in-the-USA, direct-to-consumer retailing and manufacturing platform.

“When we met, we were learning about 'lean' methodologies, and it was apparent that technology was playing a critical role in the future of retail,” says Curtis, whose aunt was a bridal company executive. “We began implementing startup concepts like MVPs (minimum viable products) in the fashion industry,” Sole says. They launched New York-based Nineteenth Amendment in 2014 and say they are inspired daily by their designers, noting that data is important, but it starts with authentic creativity. Sole says the best career advice she’s learned was from Curtis: “Just ask.”

“A lot of people wait for permission to do something different,” Sole says. “We believe if you execute well, you'll succeed.”