Kate Ross LeBlanc

Co-Founder and CEO
Saje Natural Wellness
A headshot of Kate Ross LeBlanc, a co-founder and the CEO of Saje Natural Wellness

Growing up in her mother’s fabric store in small-town Ontario, Kate Ross LeBlanc developed a deep appreciation of retail. “I love the immediacy and transparency of it,” says the co-founder and CEO of Vancouver-based Saje Natural Wellness. “There’s no question about the sales cycle or whether you’re winning or losing. It’s all on display.”

Saje, founded in 1992, grew out of a desire to heal through natural, plant-based alternatives to pharmaceuticals. Ross LeBlanc’s husband and co-founder, Jean-Pierre LeBlanc, had experienced chronic pain after a car accident. He used his background in chemistry to blend what became a kick-starter to his wellness — as well as the company’s first essential oil remedies. In 2017, the company exceeded its goal of 50 Canadian stores, and U.S. expansion is well underway. Growth, a personal value of Ross LeBlanc’s, has become an integral part of the company culture. “Feedback is the breakfast of champions,” Ross LeBlanc says. “It’s not always easy to hear, but we can’t grow without it.”