Jeff Barnett

CEO, Commerce Cloud
A headshot of Jeff Barnett, the CEO of Commerce Cloud at Salesforce

Salesforce Commerce Cloud CEO Jeff Barnett caught the retail bug at age 11, when he and his friends worked at the corner store on summer vacation. “Retail is so tangible,” he says. “You can explain to anybody what we do, because every day, we are all consumers.” As a 30-year software industry veteran and longtime leader, Barnett works hard at listening and taking feedback, and he pays attention to other executives. One of his early bosses advised him against approaching a supervisor with a problem; rather, he counseled, bring the solution.

Barnett says his wife of 30 years inspires him daily. “I'm Type A, always trying to live a few steps ahead, and she slows me down.” At Salesforce Cloud Commerce, formerly Demandware, Barnett is motivated by embarking on journeys with his customers. “I'm excited by the amazing things our customers are doing around this technology platform we built,” he says, “and the careers we’re transforming.”