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Phil Wahba

Senior Writer
A headshot of Phil Wahba, a senior writer at Fortune

Back when Phil Wahba was a correspondent at Reuters, he wasn’t looking for the story of retail; but as many good stories do, it found him.

He “happened into” covering retail and consumer goods after exploring the 2008 financial crisis and 2009 car industry bankruptcies, and did so for five years before becoming a senior writer at Fortune.

Retail, Phil says, “is connected to everything that matters, from the state of the consumer to wages to real estate.”

Phil’s articles have broken major industry news, including the turnaround strategies of Target CEO, Brian Cornell, and J.C. Penney CEO, Marvin Ellison. His work has also focused on the way big companies such as Walmart, and Kohl’s have re-invented themselves. Phil is quoted regularly as a retail expert; and he has appeared on CNBC, Fortune Live, Reuters Insider, NPR, PBS, Entertainment Tonight and other programs.

These days, the prospect of juicy news is what that keeps Phil pressing on.

Well, that and his self-proclaimed obsession for running. Phil is more than halfway through a goal of running a marathon in each state. And that drive clearly shows up in his reporting, his ever-present “cutting through the BS” stance—and his ever-increasing level of expertise.