Drew Ann Long

Caroline's Cart
Drew Ann Long, the inventor of Caroline's Cart, with her daughter and her innovative shopping cart

As any parent knows, taking children grocery shopping can be challenging. Drew Ann Long has three—including one with special needs. Caroline, her young daughter, soon outgrew a typical shopping cart, and those challenges multiplied. Gaps in accessibility and inclusion became apparent—but so did opportunities for change.

“With an over accommodating industry that is always looking for ways to make the shopping experience easier and more fun,” she says, “I knew a special needs shopping cart could no longer be overlooked.”

It took eight years, but Caroline’s Cart has become the first-ever patented shopping cart designed for older children and adults with special needs. Drew Ann designed and patented the cart herself, and worked with North Carolina-based Technibilt on manufacturing. Carts are now available in thousands of retailers in the United States and abroad.