Chieh Huang

Co-Founder and CEO
Boxed Wholesale
A headshot of Chieh Huang, a co-founder and the CEO of Boxed Wholesale, in a warehouse

Ask Chieh Huang to describe his story in five words, and he comes up with “social change through toilet paper.” Boxed, his first venture into retail, brings the best of the warehouse club—the supersizes and savings—without the hassles of a shopping trip or cost of membership. Chieh certainly knows the perils and potential of club shopping, making weekly trips with his parents as a child. A move to the city meant he no longer had that luxury. And when his first child was born, he no longer had the time. Like any great entrepreneur, he realized his challenges were likely not only his own. Chieh co-founded Boxed with a team of three others, and in the first 90 days of the company’s launch, the growth was shocking; Boxed was fulfilling orders nationwide across the 48 contiguous states, in both urban and non-urban environments. Growing up, Chieh saw his immigrant parents struggle with low-paying jobs, and is now out to create a different experience for his employees. Among the benefits for his warehouse workers are paid college tuition for their children and reimbursement for their weddings. The company’s key to success is in the people, he believes. “We are all from different walks of life, but we have a lot of fun while working hard.” Despite having built a company that has raised over $150 million in funding, Chieh continues to be willing to learn, and says that “not a day goes by” that he doesn’t ask for advice from someone in his network. And it seems to be paying off—one variety pack of cereal at a time.