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Alexis Ringwald

Co-Founder and CEO
A headshot of Alexis Ringwald, a co-founder and the CEO of LearnUp

magine spending six months in unemployment offices and coming out inspired. Alexis Ringwald wasn’t looking for work; the serial entrepreneur was instead seeking answers to the complex U.S. skills gap challenge. More specifically, she was trying to determine why it is so hard for jobseekers to find employment.

That journey led to the creation of LearnUp, a job-specific online training and interview coaching initiative which targets entry-level job seekers. The start-up recently secured $8 million in Series A financing, and retailers such as AT&T, Gap Inc. and Dick’s Sporting Goods are all on board.

Lifelong learning is in Ringwald’s bones. Prior to LearnUp, she co founded Valence Energy, a clean tech company. She also spent three years in India as a Fulbright Scholar, and while there, co-directed a Climate Solutions Road Tour, driving 2,400 miles in solar plug-in electric vehicles. It should be no surprise Ringwald's current endeavor would be full of adventure, too.