Kirsten Blowers

Owner, Designer and Buyer
A headshot of Kirsten Blowers, the owner, designer and buyer of

Kirsten Blowers Stuckey calls herself “the quintessential busy bee,” and it's hard to argue with her. In early 2009, while still a full-time college senior, she opened her furniture boutique in Fayetteville, Arkansas with just $100 and a love for all things fashion. Fast-forward nearly six years later, and Riffraff sells a wide range of hip-yet affordable women’s clothing, shoes and accessories from two retail locations and via a robust, socially connected digital storefront.

“When I started Riffraff it was one thing, now it’s something completely different,” Kirsten says. She believes that all successful retailers have the courage to embrace change. “Learn what works well and stick to it. But when things start slowing down, evolve!”