Jeffery R. Sears

Founder and CEO
A headshot of Jeffery R. Sears, the founder and CEO of PIRCH, a home improvement store

From the moment shoppers step into a PIRCH location, they quickly realize that they are not in a typical home improvement store. PIRCH showrooms are interactive experiences where customers are able to try products before they buy. Envision a room with over thirty operable shower heads, ready for customer exploration—that’s the PIRCH experience. As Jeffery puts it, the PIRCH showrooms are “designed to inspire, surprise and delight guests on a journey towards joy.” When PIRCH was launched some four years ago, Jeffery sought to do more than elevate what was often a tedious shopping experience. “My passion comes from deconstructing and reinventing businesses that have become outmoded, irrelevant and unresponsive to the ever-changing needs and wants of a customer.”