Customer Service and Sales

A Customer Service & Sales credential solidifies your learners’ grasp of excellent customer service and prepares them to shine in the workplace. They develop problem-solving skills that help them meet customer needs, become valuable workplace teammates, and achieve career goals.

  • Deliver this course in 14 hours online or 36 hours in the classroom.
  • Learning objectives include understanding multiple retail formats, identifying retail influencers, grasping the importance of quality customer service and product knowledge, recognizing omni-channel purchase options, and projecting professional brand.

Learners who earn this certification will master customer service and sales skills, including understanding the customer life cycle, developing effective strategies to engage customers, assessing customer needs and closing sales. Best practices for building resumes and navigating job searches are also covered.

This course is perfect for someone interested in or currently working in a customer facing role, whether in retail or in another industry.

Learning Concepts:

  • Overview of the retail industry: understanding the industry, the customer and the value of customer service
  • Know before you sell: knowing the features and benefits of products and services, connecting with the customer
  • Selling and service: meeting the customer’s needs, making the sale
  • Performing your best: honing customer service skills, projecting a professional image and personal brand
  • Workplace readiness: navigating job searches and building a professional network
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Ro Rodriguez started her career with The Home Depot as a part-time cashier over 20 years ago. Thanks to mentorship and invaluable support and encouragement along the way, Ro was able to progress in her career and is now a regional vice president. Today, Ro leads by example and is a source of inspiration for the industry’s future leaders. Ro’s success story is simply one of many in the retail industry.
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