Philip Krim

Co-founder and CEO
Philip Krim, Co-founder and CEO, Casper

Sleep is the super power that charges everything that’s important to you.

Philip Krim believes the Casper approach is radically different from the traditional mattress business.

“We talked about it from a consumer point of view,” Krim says. “We said we didn’t want to step foot into a mattress store."

As the co-founder and CEO of Casper, Krim believes that this is the beginning of a cultural movement around improving sleep.

Within hours of launching the Casper website, they had orders for mattresses that are delivered to a customer’s home in a box the size of a mini fridge. By midday, Krim recalls, there was a knock on the door at their second story walk-up in New York City. A potential customer was there to try the mattress.

“We quickly converted our only conference room into a bedroom,” he says. “We gave her privacy and the time to try the mattress and picture it in her home. She loved that experience and ordered it on the spot.”

He says that lesson made it clear early on: the ability to respond to what customers want and move swiftly is key to success. That, and a good night’s sleep.