James Reinhart

Co-founder and CEO
James Reinhart, Co-founder and CEO, thredUp

We set out on this journey to inspire a new generation of consumers to think secondhand first.

James Reinhart co-founded thredUP to address the problem of waste in the retail industry. Over a decade, thredUP.com has grown into the world’s largest fashion resale platform.

“What we’re doing in secondhand and in resale is helping the consumer find new ways to get the brands they love and spend less money,” he says. “Young consumers today want to shop smart and they want to look great, but they also want to do good.”

More large retailers are catching on, partnering with thredUP to go circular and offer secondhand shopping experiences to their own customers.

“I’ll feel really great when everybody has a thredUP clean out kit in their home and people are thinking about thredUP the way they would any traditional retailer,” Reinhart says.

He’s working with retail leaders to build more circularity into the business, from sourcing and design to extending the life of an item through resale.

“We can really help retailers as they try to address sustainability in the future,” he says. “I think we can be a big part of that solution.”