Carolyn Tastad

Group president, North America, and executive sponsor, gender equality 
Procter & Gamble
Carolyn Tastad, Group President, North America, and Executive Sponsor, Gender Equality, Procter & Gamble, The List 2019

Carolyn Tastad says the reason she’s at Procter & Gamble is for the work, but it’s also – unquestionably – for her colleagues. “What inspires and motivates me every day is working with the people and understanding the impact we get to make collectively,” says Tastad, Group President, North America. Tastad joined the company in 1983 and today is responsible for P&G’s $29 billion North America business. She also leads the Corporate Women’s Leadership Team (comprised of both women and men) and is the company’s executive sponsor for gender equality.

 “Our aspiration as a company is 50-50 representation for women and men at all levels of the company in all regions,” Tastad says. “To do that, we want to make sure we continue to create an environment that is inclusive and inviting and works to give women that equal voice.” Tastad is passionate about representation of women throughout the industry — on both the vendor and retail side — and says gender equality is important not only for the industry, but for the world.

P&G has been recognized for positive messaging around women and girls in its advertising. Last fall, Tastad spoke at the first #SheIsEqual Summit, which P&G co-sponsored to focus on more accurate portrayals of females in the media. P&G also strives to show men as equal partners in its advertising —changing diapers, doing laundry, cleaning dishes.  “As the world’s largest advertiser, we use our voice in advertising and media to tackle bias of all types and to showcase the kind of equality we want to see –because we know an equal world is better for everyone,” says Tastad, who credits her mother with inspiring her the most. “I have her to thank for my work ethic. She taught me determination and perseverance.”