Greg Scott

New York & Company
A headshot of Greg Scott, the CEO of New York & Company

Nobody ever expected Greg Scott to become a CEO. But the man now at the helm of New York & Company is a natural. “I have a keen interest in all aspects of the business,” says Scott, who has turned the company into an omnichannel leader. “I think I’m successful as a leader because there’s nothing I ask people to do that I wouldn’t do myself.”

In college, Scott managed of a UCLA bookstore, where he discovered he genuinely loved stocking shelves. His trajectory included Macy’s, Henri Bendel, Ann Taylor and bebe, where he held his first CEO position. In 2010, he joined New York & Co. and reinvented the retailer for the new millennium: It now has a $250 million digital business and a more flexible, agile store fleet. Online sales now represent 25 percent of total sales, up from 7 percent five years ago. Scott considers himself a tough boss, but doesn't want to be seen as a robot. “The more people see you exposed, the more they want to join you on the journey.”