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Stefanie Botelho

Founder and CEO
Fitzroy Toys
A headshot of Stefanie Botelho, the founder and CEO of Fitzroy Toys

As founder and CEO of Fitzroy Toys, Stefanie connects toymakers with retailers. But her vision goes beyond the business side of things; Stefanie also sees toys as a way to help kids “discover who they want to become.” The same might be said for Stefanie. In elementary school she got her first foray into retail when she created, designed, and sold finger puppets to her classmates. It brought a feeling of accomplishment, realizing “I had created something that made someone else smile.” Stefanie's career began in investment banking and venture capital, but it wouldn't be long before she soon realized she was on the wrong side of the table. The idea for Fitzroy Toys originated with a toy-recommendation engine Stefanie built during a Harvard Business School coding course. Today, by helping inventors, designers and mompreneuers connect with retailers, she and Fitzroy are transforming the wholesale side of retail. It’s an area ripe for innovation, she believes. “B2B platforms and processes haven’t evolved as quickly as B2C experiences.” She sees opportunities in solving the pain points and inefficiencies in the supply chain. Ultimately, though, it’s about building connections. “Whether it is a new retailer looking to stock the smartest selection for her opening day, or a founder trying to expand her wholesale footprint, I want to build a company that supports their successes.”